Things To Know Featured Snippet Optimization

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There is a need to keep up with the Google features from time to time to obtain traffic. Google constantly changes its features. For making them rank, one needs to know how the features exactly work. On top of that, keeping an eye on the competitors also comes under the steps to obtain a good rank. With the latest updates, Google results are not just direct links but much more. While searching any word or phrase on Google, the first thing that draws your attraction is the Featured Snippets.

In this article, a  website designing company in Delhi teaches how to optimize content with Google’s recently updated Featured Snippets.

How did Snippets get popular?

The popularity of Snippets increased on answering the questions asked by people in a quick, appropriate and easy way to read. The best thing is that there is no need to click anywhere to find what one is looking for. Other than helping ordinary people, the snippets provide marketers or business people a chance to beat their competitors. On top of that,  they also help to engage in conversation and drive the right traffic to the site.

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are the search results that get featured on the top of Google results just below the ads in the box.

The other name of Featured Snippets is Answer boxes. The purpose of featured snippets is to answer the questions asked ideally. With the word “Featured,” one can get the idea that it means earning extra brand exposure in the search results. Featured snippets dominate the SERPs to keep your website far above the others.

Types of Featured Snippets

When it comes to types of featured snippets, there are three major types.

  • Paragraph: The answer is given in the form of a text. The text can be present in a box, or the box can contain text and an image.
  • List: The answer of list-style featured snippets comes in list format.
  • Table: The answer to table-style snippets is given in table format.

Which terminology to follow in snippet optimization?

Many people know Featured snippets as “answer boxes” because there is always an answer present in the box. This is a result of the new phenomenon we are dealing with. Although the terminology is not the actual problem, it mainly created confusion. To avoid confusion, there is a need to stick to the featured snippets term, with the presence of URL in the box.

Identification of Opportunities you need to Feature in Snippet Optimization

While trying to rank well for Google featured snippets, you need to keep some points in mind.

Keywords Research

Studies confirm that long-tail keywords trigger the majority of featured snippets. On top of that, there is a higher probability of featured snippets if you type more words in the box. Making research of keywords is always a good idea and one of the basic steps of a blogger.

While doing keywords research, you need to keep certain things need in mind.

  • Begin with question-type queries, as it is the easiest way for identification.
  • Along with questions, make sure to target informational intent. Featured snippets aim to answer the user’s questions immediately. Featured results are not only triggered with question-type queries.

With the help of a keywords research tool, one can quickly know whether any query has triggered the featured results.

Browsing Google regarding more queries

To explore every topic, make sure to browse Google’s ” People also ask” section. This section provides a considerable perception of questions that Google offers related to each case. On viewing the questions, more and more questions adds on to the bottom of each box.

Identifying search-related queries

It is beneficial to get to know which phrases have provided the high rank. After optimizing the answer boxes, the queries will easily get a feature. The role of Google Search Console is to show the search queries. To find the report click on ” Search Traffic” and then “Search Analytics.”

Monitoring questions asked on Twitter.

Monitoring questions on Twitter provides untapped opportunities. One needs to make sure to put space between the search term and question mark. Once the article ideas are lacking, viewing the achieved questions and keyword research tools expands the idea.

The best idea is to use a spreadsheet to organize keyword phrases and questions that are yet to discover.

  • Whether any questions deserve to be kept in a separate article or a subsection doesn’t depend on the search volume.
  • It depends on how many answers can be given to a particular question based on niche research and knowledge—moving into separate articles and using keywords research to identify subsections of future research if the question becomes a lot.

Optimization for Featured Snippets

Begin with on-page SEO

There are no magic buttons or special application for a sure site feature. The best thing to do is to start on with non-specific SEO practices. Being featured is the only solution to get a high rank for the query.

Tips to get featured

There is no correlation between featured results and structured markup, the perfect way to get featured lies in providing a better answer.

You need to answer each question concisely.

The observation of a website designing company in Delhi about answer boxes has led to a different view. Google mostly prefers to feature answers that are provided within one paragraph. The average length of paragraph snippets should be 45 words with a maximum 97 words limit. This will guide you to provide a suitable answer length.

Although in recent days, long-form content has evolved, which is a better way to provide descriptions. On top of that, break the descriptions into subsections and provide attractive images to draw attention.

There is a need to adjust the blogging style a bit:

  • Ask the necessary questions in your article, be it subheading also.
  • After adding the questions, immediately follow with a responsive answer.
  • Provide further details in the report.

This structure results in better and higher retention of the viewers, making the article better structured and providing the best results.

Be well organized

The main thing about Google is that it loves numbers, steps, and lists. The answer boxes will provide the exact ingredients, number of steps, and other essential features. Introducing the answer to every question in the paragraph needs to contain valuable numbers and lists. According to studies, the comparison of charts and lists is an easier way if you wish to get a feature. Even in the case of branded queries, Google chooses tables from different sites. There is no specific markup to provide structure to the content.

Make sure similar questions are answered.

The research of featured snippets provides similar queries. You need to structure and word the featured questions to address a lot of related questions. Google is very forward in choosing synonymic-related questions. That’s why there is no point in answering specific questions.  The best strategy is to provide a solid article that addresses an intelligent aim for getting a feature in the answer boxes.

Properly organized questions

Within one article, you need to organize closely related questions to provide the queries ideally.  In turn, it also helps in giving well-structured content.

There is a multi-level keyword strategy that you can apply here

  • You can make a section or a blog category generous with a suitable keyword.
  • The title of the article needs to have a more specific search query.
  • More specific queries are present in the subheadings of the article, which in turn defines its structure. The multiple queries will definitely go under a single heading.

Use eye-catching pictures

Featured paragraph Snippets with images are very eye-catching, much better, and more popular than regular featured standard snippets. Google has its version of picking up random pictures from the page without pointing to better performance. The best way to influence is to make sure that you brand all your in-article images. They need to be eye-catching and attractive as well. This will help Google to end up featuring as it will look nice. With the image editing functionality and quickly creating graphics to reuse the banners and social media images to make creative folders.

Reload and Update Pictures

The URLs provide dates to the updated images. It also offers new viewers information for images that can be older. The best way is to provide paragraph featured snippets with images.

Monitoring the performance

In order to make the best out of it, monitoring performance is the best solution. Keep an eye on the new queries as they grow, and new features appear.


In order to optimize featured snippets, it requires a lot of planning. With features in Google search results, one gets more positivity to work harder. With a digital marketing company Delhi, you can discover new content ideas. You can even research each topic more prominently. This helps in structuring the article better.


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