Fish Farming – Disease Management For High Yield

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With the consumption of fish and other aquatic organisms on the rise, Aquaculture is looked up to, as the best economic enhancer. Now, businessmen who were already involved in other modes of farming, are taking part in this venture. However, like all businesses, this one comes with its own set of risks. So, one of the first issues that disrupt normal operations is fish diseases. There are various categories of aquaculture. They are fish farming for human consumption, for the wild, and for the aquarium. No matter, who the end-user is, fish will have diseases. Now, you can buy Fish medicine online in kolkata.

Diseases That Affect The Fish Population

There are many diseases that affect the fish population. If fishes are under any kind of stress, they get more affected. The factors that enforce the same are bad water quality, overcrowding in ponds, and wrong diets. If you are a new fish owner, you may not be able to pick up the signs fast. You should know about the various disease symptoms like spots, lumps, scales, and frayed fins. There are more signs you should know off. Sometimes, symptoms are not that evident, unless it is too late. Therefore, you need to buy online fish medicine in kolkata to get rid of the diseases.

  • Parasites can be the first predator, in this case. Moreover, there are various types of parasites that affect freshwater fish. They include Trichodin, Flukes, and Costia, to name a few. When you transport new fish colonies into your existing ponds, infestation happens. Most fish have some number of parasites inside them. However, when they are transported from one place to under, they come under shock and give in. Moreover, the parasites start spreading to new fish colonies.
  • Bacterial infection has become quite common in fishes. They may be attacked due to bad water conditions, and poor water quality, and crowding. Mycobacterium infections are quite common nowadays. It is commonly called Fish Tuberculosis. Decreased appetite, fin erosion, lethargy, and sudden death occur due to bacterial infection. However, the experts are finally here. You can attend lectures on fish health online at It is the most recent online marketplace on aquaculture. Get expert guidance from the industry stalwarts. Moreover, you can also get Fish medicine online in kolkata.
  • Fungal Diseases are also quite common in freshwater fishes. They are generally found in fish which have a compromised immune system. It occurs on the dead fish skin. If the fish skin portion is surgically removed, you can stop the spread of the fungus.

Most Effective Medicines For Freshwater Fish

Now, you can Buy online fish medicine in kolkata from the most trustworthy portal, However, you should have a basic know-how of the medicines. The most common medicine that is found in every house is salt. Common table salt is used to treat parasitic diseases in fish. Methylene Blue is another wonder medicine in this capacity. You can help the fish on your farm, get rid of itchy skin and velvet. Formalin baths are quite commonly used to treat diseased fish. It is a great remedy for external infections like parasites. Penicillin is also used to treat many bacterial infections.

Now, you have a fair idea of the medicines that are used to treat fish. Earlier, farm owners had to rush, to shops in the veterinary circuit to procure medicines for their fishes. However, one-stop shops like Myfishkart have seamlessly streamlined the entire process. Now, you can get the right disease diagnosed, and medicine delivered right to your doorstep. And, all of it happens online.


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