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5 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Instagram is a parallel world. We know. We spend hours and hours on the application. And not only for work … And surely you also spend a good part of your day on Instagram, whether it is publishing the content you have created for your followers, responding to comments and direct messages, or uploading stories so that your audience can keep up with your brand. No matter how long you spend feeding your profile on Instagram, it’s hard to keep up with updates. Every week, the platform presents us with new tools so that we can make the most of them. But it’s so hard to keep up. And you know it. When you finally learn to use a new feature, another appears. Who can know all the tricks of Instagram? Because we! And since we don’t like keeping those secrets to ourselves, and we want your Buy Instagram Followers UK brand to succeed on Instagram, we have decided on the best Instagram tricks.

1The best Instagram tricksSave draft: Let’s say you have an ideal photo or video to upload to your brand’s Instagram account. You upload it to the platform, edit it, put a filter on it, but just when you have to write the description, you go blank. There is no way that the words you write have the meaning that you want to give them. It is normal. It happens to all of us. But your photo is already edited, and it has been perfect for you. Are you going to lose it? No. Instagram thought about this and that is why it offers you the possibility to save the image with its changes so that you can upload it when you are ready. After editing it, and when you are already on the screen to write the description, go back two steps. The platform will ask you if you want to save it as a draft or discard it. Hit save. When you are ready to publish that image, press the + icon again as if you were going to upload a new image and when you go to the gallery, you will have the option to view the drafts. Select the saved photo and continue with the rest of the process.

2Delete photo from your profile without deleting Let’s say you uploaded a publication to your Buy Instagram Followers UK account that did not go very well with the current image of your account. Maybe the photo is lacking, or you have absolutely changed the style of the entire brand. The truth is that you do not like at all that that image is in your feed, but you do not want to delete it either because it represents an important moment in your digital history. The good news is that you don’t have to delete it. Using the archive function, the post will disappear from the feed, but it will remain on your profile, only hidden. Access this function as follows: go to the publication you want to archive and press the three dots that you will see in the upper right part of the image. A menu will be displayed where you will find the option to archive. Just by selecting this option, that image will go to the file, but it will not be deleted. If you want it to be seen in the feed again, go to your profile and press the clock that you will see in the upper right. Voilà! Your image returns to your profile.

3 Share videos and stories It always happens that you are recording a video or a story of an important process for your audience to see behind the camera and someone just passes by speaking in a very high tone of voice. You feel like the video has been corrupted and there is no chance to re-record it. What can you do? Very easy: remove the sound from the video. Record the video from the app. When you go to the filters screen, you will see that a small horn with an X will be displayed in the upper central part. Pressing it will remove the sound from the video. In the case of stories, after recording it, you will see the speaker at the top of the screen again. If you want to remove that audio, you just have to press that speaker and voilà, your story will be silent.

You can do the same in your stories

4– Share stories with background music: Although in some countries the music sticker is available, others do not have this option enabled yet. This restriction will not prevent your stories from having a musical setting. Before recording your story, play the song you want in the background from your cell phone player and on the speaker. With the music playing, go to Instagram and record your story. That is easy. Of course, take care that there is no background noise, because the sounds will mix, and the result will not be as expected.

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5– Record stories hands-free: Imagine that you are going to record some stories in which you see yourself explaining something and in your hands, you have an element, such as a product that you want to show or a poster. How do you keep the record button pressed and hold that item in your hands if you only have two hands? Unless you’re an octopus, you can’t do both at the same time. But don’t worry, there is a way to free your hands while recording stories: Buy Real Instagram Followers UK. When you open the screen to record stories.


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