5 best and cheapest toll-free number providers in India

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Do you want to provide a memorable experience for your customers? You can benefit from a toll-free number solution. Your customers can call you for free if you have a toll-free number. This phone number invites people to call and ask questions. If you want to increase your customer service, you must have a toll-free number service. However, which toll-free or cloud telephony service provider is best for you? The top 5 toll-free number service providers in India are listed here. If you are looking to buy toll free number, this list can help you make an informed decision.


A notable cloud telephony firm in India is Knowlarity. Knowlarity offers Cloud telephony and call handling solutions in India and throughout the world through various virtual phone systems. Super receptionist, smart-IVR, and super conference are examples of Knowlarity products. You will also acquire the cheapest toll free number India from Knowlarity. If you need a toll-free phone number for your company at the desired cost, Knowlarity gives you the greatest toll-free number, as well as a 7-day free trial. Businesses may view it for free for seven days using their service, and if you enjoy it, you can purchase it. You can also go to its website for more information and a free trial.  


MyOperator is a cutting-edge cloud-based call management system that offers toll-free numbers as well as unique features like CRM integration, call tracking, call masking, call routing, sticky agents, and more. Your consumers can contact your company for free by dialling a toll-free number in India. It is a toll-free number that connects your customers with your company in a hassle-free manner. A well-customized IVR greets your customers a professional greeting when they call your India toll free number. Customers will have a better phone experience with a toll-free number because their questions will be answered quickly. MyOperator recognizes this and provides round-the-clock support to handle any concerns you may have quickly.


Ozonetel is a renowned provider of cloud telephony solutions. They enable organizations to communicate efficiently across all modes, including voice, email, social media, SMS, and chat, on a single platform with no capital investment. Ozonetel assists in the operation of contact centres by providing call management tools and analytics tools to measure and monitor client interactions. Marketers can also use their platform to launch unique customized marketing campaigns such as miss calls, SMS campaigns, email campaigns, and more. They have to think of the campaign, and they will make it happen. It has all the features your company requires to boost customer service. 


Sarv.com is one of India’s leading cloud telephony service providers. Sarv’s cloud telephony services, such as toll-free numbers, voice solutions, and virtual receptionist, allowing you to develop your business globally. They assist you in setting up an in-house cloud call centre in a matter of minutes. Sarv’s toll-free number with sophisticated features is ideal for all your business needs. Discover a simple and effective approach to communicating with your customers. Provide your customers with the option of calling for your services, and it is excellent value for money. Sarv.com is dedicated to providing a business-friendly communication environment and infrastructure. By going above and beyond what is required, they try to assist other firms or individuals achieve their objectives.


The cloud communication solution from Exotel can let you tailor corporate communication through phone and SMS. A virtual number, toll-free number, Voice API, and automated calls are among the services they provide. To sound professional and generate a better customer experience, every business, regardless of its size, should be able to use features like IVR, call recordings, smart call routing, easy lead management, and so on. They believe they are at the front of a game-changing transition to the cloud. Exotel is on the verge of revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Exotel’s toll-free number will help you establish stronger brand identification.

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Toll-free numbers are one of the most effective strategies to boost client retention and reach. And among all these, Knowlarity is one of India’s leading toll-free number providers, assisting various businesses in staying ahead of the competition. Discover the best types of toll-free numbers for your company and the numerous perks that come with them. 


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