What is Google workspace and what are its features?

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What is Google Workspace ?

Google is the most trusted name in the market of information technology in the present times; it is so because Google provides so many online services for the users through various apps developed under its name. All those apps and services are highly safe and secure. Therefore more and more users are attracted to Google for their online needs every now and then.  But, here the discussion is not to be just related to Google in general. Here it has to be about Google workspace. We will see all the basic knowledge about it.  Also,  will see what it is exactly, and will see the features that are there with it.

How to define Google workspace?

Well, talking related to this, we can say that, it is a combination of some great Google apps. These all apps come together to help people with fulfilling their needs related to business. So, yes mostly the Google workspace is for business. It is more useful for those who are willing to use Google Apps and Gmail. For the easy conduct of their business.

Now that after the basics we shall see what the different features are by Google workspace for the users.

Google workspace features used on daily basis-

  • Gmail- This needs no introduction, if you use it through the Google workspace you then get a better version of it with no ads or any other such distractions through the Google workspace you are able to use it with more productivity.
  • Google Calendar– This is another great feature that is useful for those who use Google workspace for business. It helps in easy scheduling of meetings and also calls just at the right time. Using it through Google workspace allows the user to create multiple calendars and everyone can open in the company.
  • Google Drive– There is also this Google Drive that helps people with the easy sharing and also storage of files and documents. The drive provides up to 300 GB of storage for each employee associated with the business.
  • Google docs and Google sheets – These are two tools present in the Google workspace that people take into use more often. They are useful for taking feedbacks, also they are good for new website content and a lot more
  • Google Keep – This app allows you a good space for those frequent questions that your customers do shoot at you every now and then. It helps in the creation of a To-do list provides notes and also helps with notes creation.
  • Google workspace Admin console– This is the best thing as it allows the management of everything from one single place.

Other than these common features, there are some more additional features also that the user will need to look into.

The list of those additional features associated with Google workspace goes as follows-

  • Google Chat – This is a new latest tool by Google, it makes the process of chatting more easy and efficient for the users.
  • Google Meet– Google meet is the safest and secure app for you that you can use from the Google workspace for video calls.
  • Google Forms– well, yes this is another good thing that is there available in the Google Workspace. It is through this that the process of online form filling has been made easy for people.
  • Google Slides– well, yes if you need to create a slide and you are bored with PowerPoint then Google slides can be your resort for now.
  • Google Sites– Well, yes people mostly like using WordPress, but they can also use Google sites if they wish to do so.
  • Endpoint Management – This helps you in dealing with stealing your device, if something like this ever happens then this is the feature that will help you out.


If you still need to know more, related to this, then in that case the best thing for you would be to connect with the team of technicians. They can go to the team of experts whenever you feel the need for it. The experts are available for you all the time that is 24*7. So you can go to them at your own ease. Just in your own way or we can say as you like it.


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