How To Lock/Unlock Home Screen Layout Of Mobile

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As the Xiaomi phones getting well known step by step, their tweaked rendition of the android otherwise known as MIUI is additionally picking up ubiquity. Mi Phones getting well known in nations like India to a great extent because of its cost to execution proportion. We can get high performing cell phones like Redmi Note 4 simply paying around 10K INR. No big surprise why Xiaomi has become the second most elevated selling cell phone in India.!Qx18uuuN

In the event that you are utilizing the MIUI 8 which is introduced in your telephones like Redmi Note 3 or Redmi Note 4, you can maintain a strategic distance from your home screen symbols from being lost changing your settings. In an ongoing update in MIUI 8, Xiaomi added barely any extra settings to bolt your home screen design. This will keep your symbols from losing in your home screen.

Locking the home screen design in MIUI

Go to Settings > Home Screen & Recents > toggle the Lock Home screen layout to ON position.

Now, if you will try to move or drag anything from home screen to anywhere or you want to uninstall any application form your mobile phone , it will stay as it is. you can’t uninstall app from your lock screen and you can’t move your app from one place to other place, sometime this feature is very beneficial for you because this icon setup is not disturbed by keeping your phone in your pocket or by accidentally pressing  icons.

Unlocking the home screen design

Go to Settings > Home Screen & Recents > toggle the Lock Home screen layout to Off position.

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