Best Salesforce features in 2023

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In the global market, Salesforce stands out as one of the leading providers of cloud-based CRM software designed for sales, marketing, and service.It has a simple interface that requires no technical knowledge to set up or manage. By providing a comprehensive overview of each customer interaction, Salesforce CRM transforms the way businesses engage with their customers, fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships. With its unique ability to offer a single view of each client, the Salesforce CRM app delivers an unparalleled user experience.

The Salesforce CRM application is the ultimate solution for your business, containing all the essential elements needed to automate your operations with embedded intelligence. Unlike any other CRM application, Salesforce development companies deliver an unparalleled level of functionality, providing a comprehensive automation platform that streamlines every aspect of your business.

Salesforce has several well-known features, which we will go through in this article. 

Top features for salesforce development in 2023

There are several popular Salesforce features are listed below:

Lightning App Builder 

One of the most useful features is the revamped Salesforce Lightning Application Builder. Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework that lets anyone, regardless of programming experience, to build an app. This is a straightforward point-and-click tool for creating Salesforce Lightning pages or incorporating them into the mobile app. 

1- This allows you to rearrange pages to highlight vital information while hiding anything else. The feature is especially useful for team members who need to edit pages.

2- This is organised into three sections: Lightning Exchange components created by Salesforce partners, pre-built components from, and its own unique elements.

Its Lightning components are characterised as compact, adaptable, and reusable bits that can be dragged onto the page canvas and added to a Lightning page in the Lightning App Builder.

Marketing Cloud

This technology automates communications via email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, and websites. It includes an email marketing solution that is both automatic and individualised. 

1- Its function supports firms in identifying and researching highly automated (AI-enabled) and customised email marketing solutions.

2- Customers who are likely to interact with their items are classified in the new market. 

The programme contains free marketing templates that might help businesses save time and effort when completing deals. Businesses utilise Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to consolidate all of their marketing channels onto a single platform.

Salesforce Mobile App

This allows you to make changes to Salesforce data from any location. The Salesforce mobile app allows businesses to access information or records from locations other than their headquarters. 

1- This feature’s capability allows users to: update records in real time even while they are not at work using mobile devices such as phones or tablets; and 

2- They should check their phones for open support issues before visiting a client’s workplace.

Reps can adjust their prospects or access a dashboard after the meeting from anywhere outside the office. 

Contact Management 

Salesforce CRM ensures easy contact management by providing access to important customer data and interaction history. It provides a comprehensive consumer picture, including insights and engagement-boosting methods. You can use consumer social data to have a better understanding of their specific behavior when it comes to any product or service. 

1- Contact management on the cloud allows you to quickly collaborate throughout your organization. Share your views and crucial papers to foster a knowledge-sharing environment at work. 

2- You may also track the progress of the agreements by accessing all of the contact information. 

Opportunity Management 

One of the most valuable features and advantages of Salesforce CRM is its opportunity management capability. 

1- This tool allows you to track the activity timeline of your customers, as well as the different stages of a specific deal, which can assist you in making informed decisions about your next steps. 

Furthermore, you can examine crucial information about the activity timeline, including details about your business competitors. The pre-built templates also make emailing clients a breeze, streamlining your communication efforts.

Lead Management 

Salesforce CRM’s lead management includes an extensive activity timeline. 

1- It provides access to the most recent connections on the timeline, as well as industry best practices. It also employs the sales approach to comprehend the essential records. 

2- This CRM tool, which acts as a quick lead converter, notifies you about the originating source of the leads. Furthermore, automatic emailing improves your money-generation technique. 

Every day, your inbox is bombarded with thousands of emails, and without a CRM solution, keeping track of them has become a tedious task. Salesforce CRM automatically assesses your leads and assigns the hottest lead to the appropriate executive. As a result, you can never get off track while increasing your revenue.

Comprehensive Sales Forecasting 

Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool for gaining a comprehensive overview of your pipeline and assessing your business’s performance in the market. 

1- Tracking the progress of leads in the pipeline and analyzing whether they are successfully converting into deals, it provides insightful sales forecasting. 

2- This forecasting report allows you to exercise your judgment and adjust your strategies accordingly. 

Additionally, it offers a real-time leaderboard to identify your top performers. Salesforce CRM also simplifies complex sales processes by ensuring the right overlay process is in place, giving credit where it’s due and enabling you to view the forecast according to overlays.

File Sync and Share

Salesforce’s document management system offers convenient file sharing from any device, anytime, ensuring seamless collaboration both internally and externally, complete with versioning and commenting. 

1- Uploading files is a breeze, and access and control rights are easily maintained. With multiple filters, locating specific documents from a large pile is simple. Additionally, Salesforce CRM publishes up-to-date information on product specifications, price lists, and contract documents.

Sales Collaboration 

Salesforce CRM provides a social feed that enables you to prioritize critical projects, teams, and topics, facilitating collaborative efforts toward a shared objective. 

1- Salesforce’s intelligent recommendation system assists in discovering the right people, information, and files based on activities and interests. 

2- Users can easily identify experts and access their knowledge, making it effortless to obtain the right information.

Management of partners & channels

Salesforce CRM’s app allows you to quickly establish an ecosystem of partners, serving as indirect sales channels. Recruitment, onboarding, and partner training can be easily managed with Salesforce, enabling you to coordinate with your partners to develop result-oriented and highly effective cloud-based marketing campaigns. 

1- Salesforce’s marketing cloud can be extended without requiring any coding knowledge, providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies the sales of products or services. 

2- You can also customize access to information and revamp partner tiers while running various programs to incentivize partner performance. 


This article provides a comprehensive exploration of the different functionalities of Salesforce CRM and how they can be utilized to suit your individual requirements.

Effective customer relationship management is crucial for the success of any business. It not only shapes your brand identity and reputation but also impacts your public perception. Fortunately, managing customer relationships has become much simpler with the use of a CRM system like Salesforce. This intricately designed cloud-based application offers much more than just optimizing customer relationships. Don’t hesitate to adopt it today!


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Hey Guys, I am a digital marketer and I have 7+ years of experience. I know SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Editing, Meta paid ads, Image Creation, I am a YouTuber also. I hope you will like this website. you can give me suggestions over mail at Thank you

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