How to differentiate your packaging in a competitive market?

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How many times have it happened to you that while you were shopping for groceries or more, you have ended up buying more things than you are required, especially the things that were not even in the list. But what exactly happened or got us intrigued in the first place? Was it the irresistible discount offers on the product? Colourful packaging? Cute graphics?

Whatever the reason might be there is one thing that we all will agree upon: that nice packaging does help in differentiating your product in a competitive market. The importance of having a good packaging is seen and experienced by all the people who have a product based business. In this competitive market where everyone is trying their best to steal the attention of a potential buyer, how can you stand out in the competition till the end of the line?The answer to your question is product packaging.

How does product packaging impact marketing?

We can like it, we can hate it but we can not ignore it by any means. Product packaging plays a very important role in the marketing. Before diving into the ways about how you can differentiate your packaging in the competitive market. We should know what marketing is. In simple words, marketing can be understood as telling people or making them aware of your company and telling them why you are better than your competitive brands and convince them to buy your products or services.

And this is where product packaging comes to rescue. Product packaging may have originated from the need to protect it from external forces. But now it has more than the purpose of protection and safe shipping. In this age of social media and connectivity, we have to make sure that we reach our target audience, and for that reason, the companies these days leave no stone unturned to catch attention.

A product with good packaging is the well kept secret of the big company’s marketing strategy. As they have understood the importance of having effective packaging. There are a few things that you can learn about packaging as well as implement it in your own business. A product packaging is not a small thing on its own.

It is your brand’s representative. A silent salesperson on its own. When a customer looks at your product, it should reflect everything that your brand aims for. For example – if you are conscious about sustainability. Then it will show in your product, you can directly tell people that this product in your hand does not harm the environment. We love our Earth and so do you, and when your ideas and beliefs resonate within the customer. They feel connected and related and that’s when the magic happens, you build a connection with your target audience.

How to make product packaging eye-catchy?

We have talked about how a simple thing such as packaging impacts our business and drives sales. As we know that this has become a critical part in marketing. So, now we understand how important it is to have eye-catching product packaging. So how can we make our packaging different from others? Down below we have a list of things that we can implement on our packaging of products :

  • Catchy graphics – When we are talking about product packaging, we must understand that we humans are visual creatures. Bold colours, catchy graphics help our customer to remember us and will help us to stand out from the crowd.
  • Unique shapes – It might sound silly but weird shapes do catch our attention. It is human nature to get attracted to something that is a bit different from our surroundings. In stone days, this instinct helped us survive from predators and potential threats but in this internet age, this instinct is helping the marketing companies to catch our attention. 
  • Custom ideas – Customised product packaging has become the need of the hour. When we talk about custom ideas we are talking about the personalised experience that you can give to a customer. An unboxing experience for adults is equivalent to the christmas gifts that we used to get when we were kids. When we give our customers good unboxing we are building brand image, relationship and along with all of that we are setting a quality standard.
  • Uniqueness – Uniqueness, here stands for the things that you believe in, a set of beliefs that is the foundation of a company is not a small thing. A company with a strong set of beliefs is believed to withstand through thick and thin throughout the business. When your packaging reflects all the values that you believe in, it makes you different from all the competitors.
  • Packaging material – This one might be last on our list but by no means it is least important. You can do everything in your power to build an image of a premium brand that builds quality products. You may spend millions on advertising and marketing but if the packaging of your product is poor then by no means you will be perceived as a high end brand, even if the quality of your product is top notch. A bad quality product packaging will result in your brand being perceived as a low quality product.

How can we make our product packaging stand out of the crowd?

Now that we know the importance of good product packaging in a competitive market and along with that we have got to know about a few things that we can implement to make our product eye-catching. Now we will tell you about how you can make product packaging different from others.

As we have talked about the importance of  customised packaging and how it has become the need of the hour. The need to give a personalised unboxing experience to our customer is not mandatory but it does help with the brand image. Here we will talk about how you can add the custom packing to make the product more personalised.

  • Custom printed tape – It is one of the best and affordable ways to give your products some personal touches. With the help of custom printed tape we can start to build brand awareness, without spending too much on advertisements. The thing with custom printed tape is that it will give a creative touch to your packing along with providing security to your package.

 We recommend custom printed tape for a business when they want to spend money at creating brand awareness without making a dent into your budget.

  • Custom corrugated boxes – These custom corrugated boxes can be a game changer when used wisely. These boxes can be customised however you like and when they are designed as per your brand image, colour and values. Such boxes do very well with satisfying the excitement of the person during unboxing. As we have said, a good packaging experience will make customers happy and make them feel valued.


In this article we have talked about the ways through which we can differentiate our packaging in a competitive market. We know that everyone in the market is giving a cut throat competition when it comes to attention grabbing on the retail shelf. To help you do well in the market we have talked about how a product packaging can be your secret weapon for this. Along with all that we have told you about the things that make packing unique and impactful, and how can we achieve this.

We hope that we were able to help with this topic.

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Hey Guys, I am a digital marketer and I have 7+ years of experience. I know SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Editing, Meta paid ads, Image Creation, I am a YouTuber also. I hope you will like this website. you can give me suggestions over mail at Thank you

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