Where can we place the Kamdhenu idol at home?

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“Svasmai svalpam

Samajaya sarvasvam |”

– Sanskrit saying

This is a sanskrit saying which can be translated into English as Little bit for yourself and everything for others. It is a beautiful quote which sums up how important cows are to us. This quote is a perfect way to describe why we consider cows as sacred. Cows provide us milk which is essential for nourishment purposes as well the milk products are required to perform yagya.

Sanskrit is the oldest language in the history of mankind. It is also known as Devbhasha which translates as the language of god. One of the oldest civilisations named as Indus valley civilization. One of the oldest religions is Sanatan Dharma. All these things have one thing in common which is their respect towards cows. 

Since ancient times, Milk is considered a very valuable commodity and every family used to have at least one cow to fulfil their needs. In Hinduism, it is said that all the cows are like our mother and should be treated as one. As all the cows are also believed to be descended from the celestial animal called Kamdhenu. 

Kamdhenu is a miraculous cow that came into existence from the churning of the ocean called Samudra manthan. In ancient vedic scriptures, the Samudra manthan is a very significant event in the hindu literature. It is mentioned in some scriptures that kamdhenu used to exist even before the Churning of the sea. 

Having a brass idol of Kamdhenu is said to bring many benefits into the life of a person. These days it is not possible to have a cow in our household. Many people do not have enough time or resources to adhere to the needs of a cow. People do not have enough space to keep their belongings. How will they keep and serve a cow in their home? To tackle this problem people are moving to its alternative which is a Kamdhenu brass idols. Kamdhenu as we have discussed above is no ordinary cow, it is a cow with superpowers and is known for fulfilling the wishes of all the people who pray to her. 

Significance of a Kamdhenu Idol

As we know by now, Kamdhenu is the holiest cow which resides in heaven. There are many stories which revolve around the events of her birth. In Vedic scriptures, some say that she emerged from the cosmic ocean during the churning done by the gods and demons. But there are other stories as well such as one story goes like after the Samudra Manthan, when Gods got the elixir then Lord Brahma drank so much of it then he threw up a bit of it and from that elixir kamdhenu was born.

There is another story which takes place in Golok which is considered as a place which is above heaven or paradise. Golok is a place which is considered as the highest place where the supreme god Shri Krishna and his consort Shrimati Radha resides forever. It is believed that at one time shri krishna and radha rani were craving milk so Krishna created a cow which was kamdhenu. They drank its milk and when the pot which had kamdhenu milk suddenly broke it created the cosmic milky way where everyone resides.

There are two types kamdhenu brass idol which are seen in the market. First one is the statue which is similar to a normal cow in white sometimes it is seen with its calf named Kapila. Another representation is seen as a white cow which has a hump with a face of a woman along with her breast. It also has a peacock’s features and colourful eagle wings.

The body of kamdhenu is said to reside all the gods. In her eyes reside the sun and moon deity. Its shoulders hold God of fire and God of Air. In the horns of Kamdhenu in the middle lies Lord Vishu, in the base lies Lord Shiva and on the tip Lord Brahma. She is known to fulfil all the wishes of the people who pray to her. 

Why should you have a brass idol of Kamdhenu?

Cows and all the cattles are all descendents of mother Kamdhenu. She is called surabhi which means the fragrance. As she is the mother of all the cattles she is kind, loving and protective just like how mothers are. She is also said to be the symbol of the Holy trinity of Goddesses. When you worship the idol of Surabhi you worship all three goddesses who are the basis of Shakti. Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Parvati and Goddess Saraswati together become goddess Durga who resides inside surabhi as well.

Having a brass idol of kamdhenu is the best way to get her blessing and there are many benefits to having a Kamdhenu Idol at home. We have written some of the benefits down below : 

Higher vibration – if you are feeling down without any reason, having a lot of negative emotions like sadness, guilt, fear, anger, frustration and other emotions then it could be a sign that you have negative energy around you. If a person feels negative emotions for a long period of time then it becomes difficult to get rid of negativity. To tackle this problem you can get a brass idol of kamdhenu which is a good source of positive vibrations and helps with getting rid of negativity.

Infertility – Are you a couple who are trying for a child but do not have any success so far? If yes, then having a Brass idol of Surabhi can help you with it. As she is the mother of cows and oxes, she is the one who will understand your problem and bless you with a child.

Monetary problems – Are you working hard for money, you get it yet you are unable to fulfil your expenses. Do not worry, it is said that having a brass idol of Kamdhenu will help with the Financial problems and monetary ones.

Where can we place the Kamdhenu brass idol at home?

Now that you are well aware of the significance and benefits of kamdhenu idol. We will talk about where should we place the Brass idol of Kamdhenu down below :

1- The idol should be placed the Ishaan Corner which is the North-East Direction only.

2- If the idol placement in the North-east is not possible then try to place the statue in the north or east direction.

3- If possible try to buy a silver kamdhenu idol but it is expensive but it’s better alternative will be a brass idol.

4- Keep the place tidy and clean before and after placing a statue.


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Hey Guys, I am a digital marketer and I have 7+ years of experience. I know SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Editing, Meta paid ads, Image Creation, I am a YouTuber also. I hope you will like this website. you can give me suggestions over mail at contactetechnicaltalk@gmail.com Thank you

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