How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost And Is It Worth It?

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Ever since flutter was launched, it started a new phase in cross-platform app development. It brought new features and tools that allow developers to create beautiful mobile apps. And this distinctive ability of Flutter made cross-platform development more popular than native development.

Businesses across the globe widely prefer this framework to build sophisticated and exceptional mobile apps. And when it comes to flutter app development cost, many app owners often need help estimating. Due to this, they have to revise their budget. Hence, to guide on this, in this article, we will discuss how much does flutter app development costs.

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What Makes Flutter The Best Choice For App Development?

Flutter is Google’s advanced cross-platform app development technology that provides extensive support to build beautiful mobile apps. It allows developers to create custom apps for all mobile OS platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Flutter is a UI SDK that comes with in-built customizable widgets, hot reload and rich UI library and other helpful support for developing top-quality apps. Here are the main reasons why businesses look for flutter app development services.

1. Cross-Platform Development

This is the foremost reason why flutter is widely preferred for app development. It has great cross-platform app development capability. Developers need to write a single code and deploy it to all OS platforms.

2. Fast App Development Speed

Flutter offers a wide collection of ready-to-deploy widgets and customizable elements, which aids in reducing development efforts and time. As a result, it increases the speed of app development.

3. Eye-Catching UI and Seamless UX

Flutter is built on an easy-to-implement model. Its UI/UX development principles give a complete feel of a native app-like experience.

4. Large Developer Community

Since Flutter has been running in the industry for many years and is backed by Google, it has a large-size developer community around the world. So you can easily hire a flutter app developer for your project from any location.

5. Ready-Made Solutions

This framework has an extensive range of in-built widgets and ready-to-use customizable components, which eases the development efforts. Developers don’t have to work hard to find custom solutions for your app. They can simply choose from Flutter’s UI library and resources and instantly deploy to develop full-fledged apps.

Factors That Determine Flutter App Development Cost

The cost of flutter app development depends on various factors. If you want to determine the exact cost of developing an app with flutter, then you must consider the following things.

1. App Size and Complexity

The size and complexity of the app significantly affect the flutter app development cost. The bigger a mobile app is, the higher effort and time it takes. In addition to this, if the app is complex. It requires advanced technology and solutions, so this will lead to investing more resources. And consequently, the cost would be affected. Hence, when you start to estimate the cost of your flutter app development project, you must check the size and complexity of the app.

2. UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is also one of the most cost-influencing factors. App design generally takes up to 20-30% of the entire development cost. Hence, these factors matter substantially in estimating the overall cost. If your flutter app is small or based on a popular model, then UI/UX design won’t consider much time and resources. However, if the app is advanced on an enterprise scale, then it might consume great resources. As a result, it will enhance the final cost.

3. Location of the Flutter Developer

From which location you hire flutter app developer or outsource your flutter project to a mobile app development company affects your budget. Since every country has a different set of pricing and costs for flutter app development services, hence, you have to check the location or country of the developer or company that you are going to hire for your project.

For instance, a mobile app development company in the USA might charge you between $100-$180 per hour for a flutter development project. However, a company situated in India might charge you around $25-$50 for the same project. Thus, you should see the location while analyzing the cost.

4. Number of APIs or Third-Party Integrations

API integration is a prominent part of the app development process. In flutter, too, your app may require adding additional functionalities to provide customized services within the app. Most APIs or third-party services do charge for integration into the app. Therefore, if the app requires some API integrations or implementation of third-party services within the app, it will certainly affect the final cost.


What Is The Cost Of Developing A Flutter Mobile App?

As we discussed, determining the flutter app development cost requires several factors to consider. When you have complete details of your app development requirements, then it becomes easier to estimate the cost. However, on average, the cost of developing a small-scale flutter mobile app usually goes between $10,000-$30,000.

At the same time, if the app is medium-scale or requires advanced features, then its cost might fall in the range of $30,000-$50,000. And if the app is enterprise scale and meant to provide high-end services, then the cost could go up to $100,000.

Final Thoughts

Flutter is a modernistic and dynamic app development technology. It helps in developing feature-rich and beautiful mobile apps cost-efficiently. So, when you are determining your budget for flutter app development, you must be aware of all the key factors that influence the overall pricing. The best way to develop a full-fledged mobile app with flutter is to outsource your project to an established flutter app development company that holds years of experience and proven expertise in using flutter.

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