Top 5 Best Uscreen Alternatives & Competitor 2022

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Uscreen aternatives Video Platform

Uscreen’s story

Washington DC-based Uscreentv LLC was one of the first companies to launch a video platform online and on Over-The-Top devices which allowed creators and publishers to distribute their content and monetize it in a safe environment. The platform was called ‘Uscreen’ and launched in September 2015.  Today,  it has gone on to create a generation of online video content creators with no coding skills to speak of!

With over 5,000 creators, the platform offers turn-key solutions that have simplified distribution for a diverse range of industries. It is the go-to platform for entertainment and educational experts, yoga gurus, and fitness instructors.  It costs between $99 and $299 for subscribers to use this platform. 

Despite being a major player in this category, over time new platforms with several key differentiating features have also emerged. In the following sections, we will look at the Top 5 Uscreen alternatives that the industry leaders recommend…

Comparing the Best Uscreen alternatives: Top 5 Peers

The following five video management software offer benefits that are similar to UScreen but at competitive prices. Get your team to review these top 5 alternatives to Uscreen to match your business needs…     

1. CONTUS VPlayed

This is the first-best alternative to Uscreen. Launched in 2013, it is not free-to-use software and gives you better control for professional broadcasting. This video monetization platform is developed by a 300 strong in-house software experts team and supports robust technologies, edgy security and data protection, optimized for on-premise and cloud infrastructure and long-term product evolution. 

The features this top alternative to Uscreen offers are: 

  • Customisation 
  • Unlimited third party integration services  
  • Supports over-the-top streaming 
  • video streaming platform
  • audio streaming which is not offered by Uscreen 
  • live streaming 
  • Rescheduling 
  • unlimited video uploads 
  • categorisation and filtering 
  • Content partner portal   

Thus, VPlayed offers a range of features which though similar to Uscreen give you an edge, especially with audio content. This is a feature not available with Uscreen. The tech stack and the support this platform brings to your business are always up and running with zero downtime.

2. Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT is a premium video monetization platform launched in 2004 that helps every video content creator have the technology to grow a full-scale subscription revenue stream. It has no downtime and supports free migration and real-time analytics.

Features that this platform supports are – 

  • allows branded Apps to have in-app purchases 
  • active development support 
  • submission and management 
  • Revenue generation
  • auto-archiving for live-streaming
  • in-depth analytics 
  • support a team available 24/7 
  • third-party integration 
  • overall app maintenance
  • Content creation 
  • Customization 
  • Reporting dashboard 
  • Subscriber data 

 The added attraction of v i meo OTT is that of enterprise growth plans. This feature allows you to get your own account manager as well as an App launch team. 

 3. Dacast

This is a good alternative that can be considered for Uscreen as it offers an integrated self-service platform for on-demand streaming or live streaming. Its biggest point is the video content creator being able to start streaming within minutes and set up quantization of the content. It is a white-label platform for broadcasting and allows others to build their own brand while retaining its use and subscriptions to develop premium media content. 

Features which this video content platform supports: 

  • Secure video hosting 
  • Video monetization 
  • Stream live events
  • VOD or OTT platform 
  • HTML5 video player 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Free trial
  • 10 GB bandwidth

Migration of content and data is supported and customers find this a very easy to use video monetization platform. 

4. StreamYard

This alternative to Uscreen is essentially popular for live streaming studio features from the browser. It was developed by University students – Geige and Dan. Their primary reason for developing this software was to support live streaming technology and make sure it had ease of use, and stability and all streaming was professional-looking. 

Features include the following:

  • live streaming 
  • direct streaming from Facebook or YouTube or any other platform 
  • screen sharing 
  • call to action video and conversion of products 
  • No software download
  • Ensures top-class audience engagement

its primary focus is the transformation of the firm by creating a regular source of income via the online video platform and minimal functionalities, high storage and bandwidth.  

5. Kaltura Video Cloud

Founded in 2006, this was one of the first open-source video platform projects to “democratize video” and offer video experiences of every kind. This SaaS platform is flexible, quick to integrate and can go on top of APIs for transcoding, video ingestion, metadata management, monetization and analytics. 

Features which this video monetization platform supports are as follows: 

  • bulk ingestion and uploading 
  • creating and transferring profiles 
  • designing and configuring players 
  • editing videos 
  • in-depth analytics 
  • distribution of content over the web 
  • configuration of ad campaigns 
  • controlling access to media 
  • entitlements and permission
  • managing an account

This platform is ideal for video broadcasters who are looking for edgy editing and deep analytics features. 


If you are looking for a video monetization platform which does not pose any hassle, then these are the top 5 alternatives you should consider as an alternative to Uscreen. We can help you get started with your business needs. The success of your platform is defined by not only great content but the in-depth analytics which shall change the methods you engage your audience. VPlayed video monetization platform has the features which address all your requirements and lets you gain a competitive edge over your peers!


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