Google tag manager and Google analytics :- What is the difference between these?

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Google tag manager and Google analytics

At the initial days when I originally caught wind of Google Tag Manager ( GTM ), I felt a bit confused, but now I am clear in my mind about this topic.  

So here I am going to tell you about the difference between google tag manager and google analytics.

Shall we start. 🙂 

First i will tell you about both separately and then will discuss difference between Google tag manager and google analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics is provided by Google. It is web analytics. We can use google analytics to generate reports for website performance, we can know about user behavior. 

Google analytics main purpose is tracking data, generating reports about websites and storing it. You can find the details below.

1- From which country are your users?
2-How many pages your users visited per session?
3- Which pages from your website are the most popular?
4- How many visitors bounced off your website?
5- How many people visited your website?

Google Analytics provides details of how users are arriving on your website, tracks the user activity on the website like events, transactions, pageviews. Anyone can track ROI for online marketing. 

The only way Google Analytics can track  these all user engagements or interactions is with the help of the tracking code that should be put on each page of your site.

You might need to track the number of people clicking on any button or maybe you want to track the number of people using a specific feature on your website/app or you want to track sales. In this situation you’ll have to add custom tags- Google analytics events that send the information just when a user completes a specific activity or specific action on your website. Example can be a form submission.

To track this you have to request your developer to add that form submission tracking code to a website ( directly in the code ). But if you want to track many things then what will happen. Then  for every tracking code you have to take help from the developer. 

For this problem we have a solution, and will discuss it in the difference between Google analytics and Google tag manager section.

Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is a tag management tool. It is provided by Google. If you are facing the issue of adding tracking code on a website then Google tag manager makes it easier. 

Google tag manager is a free programming tool from google. With the help of this you can send different sorts of code to your site without help from the developer. There are a lot more sorts of code which can be added to your site with the help of GTM, including custom codes. 

Some of the examples of a tag would be find below details

  • google analytics tracking code, 
  • google analytics event codes, 
  • remarketing tags, 
  • google ads conversion script etc.
  • Facebook pixel code
  • Crazyegg tracking code
  • Any other custom HTML/Javascript code.

There are some benefits of using Google Tag Manager or GTM. Find details below.

  • Google tag manager or GTM lets you test your tags, to make sure it is triggering when you load the right page or click a particular button. 
  • You can change your tags also you can change the way they work without actually changing the source code of your website
  • Without a developer you can use this code very easily. 
  • It’s easy to use

Google analytics vs Google tag manager

In simple words we can say 

-If Google Tag Manager is a Toolbox, where you keep all your tools: a pencil, sharpener so google analytics, google ads these all are tools of Toolbox ( Google tag manager ) etc. 

-Google tag manager has no reporting features and Google Analytics is an analytics tool that provides reports.

-From Google tag manager you can manage various javascript tracking codes or tags on your website, and google analytics tracking code is one of those tags. 

So in conclusion we can say google tag manager and google analytics are different , if you are thinking you should not use google analytics if you are using google tag manager so you are wrong and using the wrong approach because both are used for different things. If you want a proper report like location of users. Spend time of users on your website , number of visited pages by users etc then you should use google analytics and if you want to do remarketing, to track any events on the website then you can use google tag manager too. 

Hopy this article will help you to understand the difference between them, share your comments with me. What do you think so that I can enhance and elaborate?

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Thank you for your precious time.


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