How Beneficial is Video Conferencing APIs and SDKs in Business?

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Video conferencing platforms are an integral part of the business world today. Given the pandemic and the shift in the working environment – it has become next to impossible to do business without video conferencing paltforms. Organizations prefer having multiple offices and remote workers that creates the requirement of a fast, reliable, and flexible mode of communication, which can easily be achieved by video conferencing.

Moreover, the advantages of video conferencing solutions are such that it does not only facilitate visual communication internally but also has become a great way of marketing and communicating externally with associates or clients.

In this article, we are going to have a detailed understanding of the benefits of video conferencing and how video conferencing sdk can be used in the corporate world.

The Surge in Growth of Video Conferencing:

According to a leading business publication, the global video conferencing market is expected to grow from USD 9.2 billion in 2021 to USD 22.5 billion by 2026. Likewise, another research report states that the web video conferencing market size is set to exceed USD 75 billion by 2027.

We can see that the market has surged, but what is responsible for this growing demand for video conferencing? The reason is that businesses globally are making use of video conferencing platforms. To empower their client engagement, brand awareness, and marketing activities.

Organizations are now able to engage with target audiences effectively and expand their reach. Ultimately, it enables a better relationship between the business and the audience. Moreover, the pandemic implemented lockdown measures, and several organizations, offices, schools, and commercial places were shut down to limit the spread of COVID-19. This further surged the need for video conferencing solutions.

Challenges Of Developing a Video Conference Web Applications from Scratch

Developing a user-friendly and high-performing video application is no easy task. From coding to collaboration tools, from testing on multiple platforms to getting every feature right. There is a lot to take care of while building a video chat app from starch.

Let’s take a look at some of the setbacks and challenges that developers may have to face.

Time Consuming – The complexity of the video chat web app, the features required to be integrated. The structure of the project will define the time taken in building an application. Each stage in the process can be extremely time-consuming if developers decide to build the app from starch.

Operational Challenges – Organizations develop apps keeping in mind their business goals and strategies.  Hence it is best to have a defined goal and use third-party video conferencing platform while building apps.

Data Integrity & Security – Opting for the right development infrastructure is crucial for data integrity and security of a video chat web application. Thus, ensure to implement a secure infrastructure and make use of renowned third-party tools. So that developers can implement proper security measures for the video chat application.

Intense & Robust Coding – Undoubtedly, developing any type of application from starch can be intense and a robust amount of coding is required. Developers will have to code and structure everything. It start from coding different programming languages. Like to aligning frameworks, uploading, and testing on servers, software, tools, and other platforms.

Benefits of Using a Third-Party Video Conferencing APIs & SDKs 

A great way for businesses to make the whole video chat app development process simple to use video conferencing platform. Business software varies in quality and complexity. However, it is easier to find customizable options and meet the specific use case as per requirement.

Quick Implementation Integrating video conferencing APIs or SDKs, developers can save a lot of time and enjoy quick and easy integration of full-featured video chat functionality.

Cost-Effective – Using pre-built software or frameworks will certainly lower your cost. Moreover, fewer development hours translating to reduced initial cost. Because to get the video chat application up and running.

Safe And Secure – Well-known SDKs are fully managed by in-house teams. It offer, safe and secure video conferencing solution to organizations. Without compromising audio, video, and messaging capabilities.

Accessible AI Capabilities – The best of video conferencing APIs even provide AI capabilities. Which leverage business operations and lessens the cost of hiring additional AI designers or developers.

Freedom From Travel Expenses – Using a web video conferencing benefits business communication as it gives freedom from travel expenses. Video conferencing eliminates travel expenses and also reimburses costs incurred on insurances and infrastructure, too.

Choose the Best Video Conferencing SDKs & APIs:

MirrorFly offers Video Conferencing APIs and SDKs that are quick and easy to integrate. Packed with amazing features. This video chat functionality can be ideal for any type of organization or business. Also, MirrorFly provides 100% customizable white-label solutions with advanced chat features including chat moderations tools, push notifications, and the capability of integrating video conferencing API within your own authentication system.

Some of the prominent features offered:

  • Supports Peer-To-Peer Virtual Connection
  • Enjoy Picture-In-Picture Across Devices.
  • Custom Capture & Render for Split Screens
  • Secure & Reliable Live Calls Recording
  • Unlimited & Secure File Sharing
  • Seamless Video Conference Solution
  • Analyze, Manage, & Configure Video Conferences In Real-Time
  • Live/On-Demand Streaming Across Channels
  • Multiple Conference Scheduling & Calendar
  • Real-Time Active Directory Sync


So, as a business, understand that using the feature of video conferencing is very beneficial, and make sure any partner you choose to work with on your web application must upgrade the goal of your business. They should be able to address all your requirements; have relevant expertise in-house and a proven track record to bring your vision to life.


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