What Is Click To Call, And How Does Click To Call Work?

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“Click To Call” refers to a digital communication service that enables the customers to connect with the business without manually dialling the phone number. With a Click To Call Solution, you offer your customers to reach out to you effortlessly by just clicking a button to connect a call.

When you buy a Click To Call Solution, you can link your business phone numbers to a button on your website, which, when clicked, places a call to your company. Click To Call Services can also be initiated by hyperlinks in emails or advertisement videos via phone call, SMS or Voice-over-internet-Protocol (VoIP).

Nowadays, Click To Call Services can be used without downloading any special software, eliminating the risk of downloading any malware or spyware. Moreover, it’s a special form of direct response to marketing campaigns. It enables customers to directly reach out to the company with their inquiries without reaching out to their phone to dial the number. Thus, it serves as a seamless method of communication between a customer and a company.     

Why buy Click To Call Solution?

If you want to increase your business’s customer conversion rates, then delivering exceptional customer service is critical. Click To Call Services can help boost customer satisfaction for your company by letting customers connect with you without any hassle. Moreover, by buying a Click To Call Solution, you offer your customers a seamless way to reach out to your business without any effort.

Here are the benefits of Click To Call Services:

  1. Easy Set-Up and Activation

Buying a Click To Call Solution and setting it up is easier than it seems, as it offers an effortless integration into your website or mobile app through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). You just have to install the calling widget and enable Click To Call Solution for your business in one step.

  1. Enhanced Caller Experience

With a Click To Call Solution, you can improve your caller experience by opting for regional greeting messages and customised music for hold. Moreover, businesses must get Click To Call Services as they are easy to use and do not require any manual work for query resolution.

  1. Call Tracking and Monitoring   

With Click To Call services, you can track every call between your customer service agents and the customers. This can come in handy to understand and analyse your company’s customer service. With real-time monitoring and call recording facilities, Click-to-call solutions help simplify quality testing and data analysis. 

How does Click To Call work?

When a customer clicks on the call icon on your website or mobile app, an intermediary service connects the call to one of your representatives, thus, initiating a conversation between them. After you buy Click To Call Solution, you just need to integrate a call button or widget on your website or mobile app, which, when clicked by a customer, routes the call through your service provider’s servers to the customer service agent.

Additionally, you get access to the IVR Menu, which ensures immediate interaction with the customer with a lesser wait time. Moreover, automatic call routing aids in connecting the customer to the next free agent, thus reducing the wait time further. This helps build a positive brand image.


Many B2B and B2C companies are moving towards Click To Call solutions to provide better customer care services and improve customer retention these days. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your customer service by buying the best Click To Call Solution that transforms your business to a whole new level.  

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