Car Into Space | Falcon Heavy sends Tesla Roadster CAR into space | Amazing

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Incredible news:-  
Last night history has been made by SPACEX when the rocket manufacturer successfully sent a roadster sports car into space. Which is board the Falcon Heavy rocket.
The rocket company founded in year 2002 which is founded by billionaire playboy ELON Musk. They launched his cherry Red-Tasla Roadster into space.
SPACEX killer app has been the development a new trick. They are easily reuse booster rockets. Once if they are using then booster rockets comes to targeted places very easily. They can controlled drop of booster rockets, and it is ready to be refueled and sent off in another flight.
Here I am sharing you one video it is one of the most unusual sights ever caught on camera. On this video you can see how car went to space . SPACEX successfully carried out its test flight of the falcon Heavy rocket with one of billionaire ELON Musk’s electric cars on mars.
The thousands of astronomy enthusiast and space boffins who watched the launch live. The car was last seen on SpaceX’s live broadcast of the launch, flying over the breathtaking blue planet below it, before the stream cut out.
Video is here:- 

If you can’t see this video here then you can visit at:-

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