The Difference Between Headstones, Monuments, Markers, and Urns

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A Cemetery monument is obviously the last memory you can create for your loved one or particular family member. A customized and aesthetic gravestone is made to show respect and tribute to the demised person. Remembering and paying a fitting tribute after a loved one has passed is important. Some prefer to buy a burial marker immediately, while others wait to find a lasting memorial that is meaningful to the deceased.

There are many memorial options available, depending on your preference. Here you need to consider before making a cemetery monument, such as the design, inscriptions, and material that should be used to make the monument. So it is a crucial decision. Therefore, we suggest you make decisions sincerely and choose craftsmanship and material for the cemetery. This will allow you to choose the memorial that honors your loved ones most.

It’s not easy to find the right gravestone for you. Professional memorial specialists can help you choose the right stone. Cemetery monuments can be different. It can be categorized in different forms depending on its size, shape, and design. You must keep in mind that all cemetery monuments are not the same.

In this article, we will help you to understand each type of cemetery monument. It will help you to make decisions with clarifications.


One of the most popular memorial options is a headstone. These stones are used to identify the couple or individual who is buried in the cemetery. Cemetery monument companies prefer to use Granite stone over other materials to make the monument durable and resistant to heat, water, and moisture. However, a headstone can be made out of bronze, but it will be a little expensive though. These memorial stones are erect and can be seen clearly when walked by.

Headstones usually include the name of the deceased, their date of birth, death date, and sometimes an epitaph. One can include aesthetic designs based on how much ground do you have. You can have a headstone of any size, from very small to very large.

There are many colors available for headstones, including brown, pink, black, and even black. Every color has its own significance. So select one of them in a meaningful way for your loved one to create the best last memory.

You’ll get many options undoubtedly when it comes to the shape and sizes of the headstones. These can be anything from rectangular to more elaborate sculptures. When you talk with your memorial company, you’ll be able to view a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.


Monuments are typically larger than headstones, but they are often made in the form of sculptures. It is possible to create monuments with the same shape as headstones. However, it is also possible to customize them to make a statue. A cemetery monument is undoubtedly a gigantic memory for the deceased options. Royal families used to make this for the last tribute. It tells their story. It contains the same information as a gravestone: their name, birth/death date, and epitaph. It uses images, designs, and other words to tell a person’s story.

Cemetery monuments can be made in different shapes. Granite can be shaped in any shape you like. It is made with high precision and designs, engraved with information such as name, date of birth, and date of death.

Grave marker

A marker is a smaller memorial option that will attract less attention than a monument or a headstone. A grave marker is often flat and can be read only from above. However, some markers are designed with a slight angle to make it easier to read. This memorial is the easiest to maintain. If you’re unable to travel to the cemetery, most ground crews can do this for you. They will often remove any unwanted grass or weed growth. It allows the same information to be printed on the marker as a headstone, which is very desirable. This is a great option for those who want to save money but don’t have the resources to build large monuments or for the loved one who doesn’t want any large structures built over their grave.


The urn is the best way to keep the ashes if your loved one wishes for cremation. The urn can be used to preserve the ashes or to scatter them in another place. Here you’ll get too many options for Urn design and size, which suits the personality and last desire of the demise one. Here the decision is to select the perfect memorial to respect the complete life of the loved one. The decision to make an ideal Cemetery monument to respect the life of the demise one is really a crucial decision, so we always suggest you take time to consider the budget, rules, and restrictions of the cemetery ground, and also the last wish of the demise one.


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