Why Should You Take Your Child to a Pediatric Orthodontist?

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There are many reasons why you should take your child to a pediatric orthodontist, even if they aren’t yet showing signs of crooked teeth or other orthodontic issues. A pediatric orthodontist will be able to perform regular checkups and find potential problems early on, before it’s too late to fix them with braces or other treatments. This article will discuss the main reasons why you should take your child to a pediatric orthodontist, along with some tips for finding the right one near you.

What is an orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who provides straightening and alignment of teeth and/or oral appliances, braces and retainers. What causes crooked teeth: Many things can cause an abnormal bite or jaw misalignment, including hereditary factors, certain types of tooth decay, chronic mouth breathing and thumb sucking habits. However, in most cases, no specific cause can be identified.

When your child should see an orthodontist: By age 7 or 8 all permanent teeth have usually erupted. If your child already has any signs of malocclusion by then (if their upper front teeth protrude over their lower front teeth for example), it is recommended that you see an orthodontist sooner rather than later.

What does an orthodontist do?

A pediatric orthodontist is an orthodontic specialist that works with children from when they’re very young until they’re old enough for braces. There are many reasons why children should be treated by a pediatric orthodontist, but these are some of our favorites:

1) Because growing jawbones and developing teeth can lead to problems;

2) When treatment begins early on, there is less disruption to your child’s life;

3) Children feel more comfortable in an environment tailored just for them.

If you think your child could benefit from an orthodontic consultation, call us today! We love working with kids! To find out if your insurance covers any portion of your visit, go ahead and ask our receptionists how much we will bill them before your appointment.

What are the benefits of visiting an orthodontist before adulthood?

Visiting an orthodontist before adulthood can help your child avoid many issues down the road. It’s essential that these visits be started by age seven or eight, when it is easier for pediatric orthodontists to monitor jaw development and make adjustments if necessary. If you are worried about taking your child out of school, visit during their lunch hour or after school so they can still get their education time in as well. Another important advantage of taking your child when they are young is that it reduces anxiety levels. If you wait until later in life, braces may not fit comfortably over teeth and cheeks that have already finished growing in, which would mean less than optimal results for your child.

How can you find a pediatric orthodontist near you?

The first step is determining if your child needs orthodontic treatment in an adult or pediatric orthodontic office. The next step is finding an orthodontist that has experience treating children. A few things you can look for when seeking out an orthodontist with pediatric experience include: Board Certification, Hospital Privileges and/or affiliation with a hospital and fellowship training in pediatric dentistry. Generally speaking, it is best to go with a dentist who specializes in children as it improves their ability to diagnose and treat more complex issues that may arise.


While there are a lot of orthodontists for adults and teen patients, finding one for your child can be difficult. In fact, many pediatric practices do not offer treatment in orthodontics. Fortunately, there are several top-rated pediatric orthodontists in and around your area who can provide you with expert care for your children. If you have any questions or concerns about taking your child to an orthodontist or if you think they might benefit from treatment, contact us today. We’re here to help!


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