Hair Loss During Pregnancy: Preventative Measures

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Postpartum Hair Loss

While many women are alarmed by this condition, it is not because it is quite normal. When most women become pregnant, they often start shedding hair. After some time, hair will continue growing normally. But if the hair loss is more than usual, you may need to see a specialist or a dermatologist. 

This post will talk about hair loss during pregnancy and what you can do to prevent its effects. Read on to gain better knowledge. 

What is Postpartum Hair Loss? 

When a woman becomes pregnant, the body experiences hormonal changes or imbalance, which causes hair loss. Once a mother gives birth, this hair loss condition will disappear, and hair will start growing the way I used to. However, if the hair is still falling out six months after giving birth, see immediately. 

Pregnant women usually shed hair during pregnancy because of hormonal imbalance. New mothers experiencing this for the first time will think a serious health condition causes hair loss. They are often bothered because they are not used to such conditions. They are preparing to receive the new bundle of joy, and the hair loss condition is not getting any easier. 

Causes of Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss during pregnancy, also called postpartum hair loss, usually occurs when a woman becomes pregnant or conceives a baby. This type of hair loss usually disappears six months after giving birth in most women. When hair loss starts, most first-time mothers tend to freak out, not knowing that they just need to wait it out. The thinning hair will worsen, especially when a woman undergoes stress due to postpartum hair loss. 

Some mothers don’t experience hair loss. Hormonal changes that happen will make her hair denser. This type of hair loss may also occur selectively in other women. If the mother suffered hair loss while pregnant, the next pregnancy would not include hair loss as a side effect. Almost 90 percent of pregnant women undergo postpartum alopecia. 

While pregnant, the level of progesterone and estrogen reduces. These two hormones are responsible for hair loss during pregnancy. This is what causes hair loss. When the hair growth stops, this phase in the hair growth cycle is usually called the resting phase. Postpartum hair loss may continue even after giving birth. This may happen three to six months after childbirth. Other women start growing back their original hair immediately after giving birth. 

How much hair is lost during pregnancy? 

You will notice hair strands in the pillow or the shower drain in the last few months of pregnancy. This should not bother you when you are pregnant because it is quite normal. Everyone loses hair at some point in life. Normally, 50 to 100 strands of hair fall out every day. Postpartum hair loss is a bit extreme because a woman will shed about 400 strands of hair. This is because hair loss at this time is accelerated. This will continue for three to six months after giving birth. If a year passes and you are still shedding more hair, this calls for an immediate diagnosis to find the root cause of hair loss. The cause of your hair loss may be an underlying health problem. 


Hair loss may happen due to many causes. Therefore, it is paramount to find out the cause of your hair loss to seek early treatment. Postpartum hair loss is a common hair loss that affects pregnant women. This is a temporary hair loss that will go away once a mother delivers the baby. Therefore, there is no need to be alarmed. If the hair loss is due to other causes, the doctor will suggest the best treatment possible. One of them is hair transplant, which treats hair permanently. 


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