What is SEO and How It Works

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Now days Search Engine Optimization is more important for website to rank high on google search engine result pages without paid marketing, so you should know about What is SEO and How it Works

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What is it?

Generally SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimization. Thus in simple words you can say Search engine optimization is a set of rules which is used to optimize your website and make your website search engine friendly so your website can get high rank on Google.

Finally you can say “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the way of optimize website in order to increase quality and quantity of traffic on website, without paid marketing.

What we can get with the help of SEO

Now you know about seo, but do you know what we can get with the help of this.

  1. Quality of Traffic- why I am saying quality of traffic. Now you are thinking how can I say this gives us good quality of traffic. So let me explain

Everyone believes on Google. If you want to purchase or you want to know about anything, you goes to Google and search about what you want to know or what you want to purchase.  There you can see various results related to your query. If you click on any website and you purchase something or you spend time on any website then website Owner can get quality of traffic from you. That means with the help of Search engine optimization you can attract genuinely interested customers.

2.Quantity of Traffic- if your website gets good rank on Google. Then your website can get high traffic easily without paid ad.

3.Organic results- organic traffic means when you don’t have to pay for any traffic or when you get rank on search engine result pages without pay, then this results is called Organic results.

SEO Techniques

  1. Black hat SEO
  2. White hat SEO

Black hat and White hat is Opposite to each other. To summarize both Techniques let’s discusse about it.

1-Black hat SEO: – In brief Black hat SEO is a way of getting high ranking on search engine results pages with the help of Black hat techniques. Such techniques and methods that are not allowed to search engines, which violate the quality guidelines of Search Engines.

Black Hat SEO

Some Black hat SEO techniques Include:

  1. Link Spamming
  2. Keyword Stuffing
  3. Cloaking
  4. Hidden text and Hidden links
  5. Poor Quality Content
  6. Link Farms

2-White hat SEO: – Usually it uses such techniques which don’t violate the Search engine guidelines to get ranking. Wherefore This takes times but gives long lasting benefits. 

White Hat SEO

 Types of Search Engine Optimization

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO

1.On page SEO:-  On page Search Engine Optimization Particularly Focuses on Website and Content. Generally This Includes strategies to Optimize Website its aim is to ensure Searchers and Search engines thus can easily understand the topic of the content and find your website is a valuable source that people would want to find.

On- page seo

On page Search Engine Optimization Includes

  1. Meta tags
  2. Meta Description
  3. Alt Attributes
  4. Image Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. H tags
  7. URL Structure
  8. Keyword Research
  9. Content Optimization
  10. Site Speed

2- Off page SEO: – Generally Off page Search Engine Optimization deals with the Promotion of the website, Content of websites. So that authority and reputation of website’s can increase.

In other words off page Search Engine Optimization refers to the activity which you are doing on other website so that your rankings on google search engine result page can increase.

However both is most important Types

Thus On page and Off page is opposite to each other

Off page seo

Off page Search Engine Optimization Includes

  1. Sharing
  2. Commenting
  3. Linking /Star Rating
  4. Answer Queries
  5. Directory Submission
  6. Classified Submission
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Business Listings
  9. Blog Commenting
  10. Forum Posting
  11. Image Submission
  12. Article Submission
  13. Blog Submission
  14. Guest posting
  15. Press Release
  16. Doc and PPT Submission
  17. Video Submission
  18. Link Building
  19. Web 2.0 Submission
  20. Directory Submission

I think now you know about it and how it works

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