A Guide On The Best Travel To Yarra Valley From Melbourne

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Melbourne To Yarra Valley Tours

It is always nice amid a busy corporate schedule if you could escape to the countryside during the weekends. You perhaps desperately need to take your mind off work and hence a small trip to the countryside can be beneficial.  As a Melbourne resident, if you are eager to identify a holiday spot in close vicinity, we would like to suggest Yarra Valley wine tours for 2. You and the spouse can set out for this valley and this is a region surrounding a river by the same name. It is a nice place to visit and it is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne city. It is one of the most popular weekend trips for Melbourne city residents. 

The travel into Yarra Valley

As you are thinking of a Yarra Valley trip one of the priorities will be to plan the travel. How do you reach this tourist location from your Melbourne home? There are multiple travel options from Melbourne into this valley and surely one can board buses or travel by train. However, we would insist that you opt for a luxury chauffeur-driven car ride from the best Melbourne car hire operators. There are some reasons for us to insist that a chauffeur-driven car ride is always the best way to travel from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley. 

  • A car ride gives you total freedom and that is perhaps what you are looking for on a holiday. Are you eager to see the Victorian countryside while traveling to the valley? A car ride is always better because public transport runs on pre-decided routes. 
  • You can maintain privacy on a car ride and that is once again missing in public transport. 
  • The car hire option is always a more comfortable and luxurious mode of commuting. You are undertaking this journey to relax and hence the car hire option is always better. 

What do you do here

It is perhaps in an hour you will be here and one will feel that it is a nice place to visit. There is plenty to do once you are here, but one must not forget wine tasting. This is the oldest wine region in Victoria and it dates back to 1838. You could visit wineries offering French-style cellar doors and taste some delicious wine. The Yarra Valley is renowned worldwide for its wine and you must taste it. 

There is more to do on private Yarra Valley wine tours and you can also take a hot balloon air ride of the region. You can also have some cheese and freshly baked muffins. You will enjoy the weekend trip to this valley.  Experience the top  rated Epic Yarra Valley Wine Tours for 2  to taste cool climate wines, local cheese, craft beers and ciders, hand-made chocolates and much more.

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