Inbound Vs Outbound Lead Generation Services: Which One Delivers Better ROI

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Without business leads, any business will fall apart someday. Lead generation is a core component that determines the future of any business. In fact, 80% of corporate leaders agree they prefer to hire lead generation services to get better return on investments.     

However, it is a business tactic that can be time-consuming and challenging, since there is no one-fit-for-all strategy if one talks about lead generation. Every business is unique, so their business prospects and leads are those prospects that can be converted into sales only if the sales model aligns with the customer’s needs.       

If you run a business or head of a marketing division, you may have several goals to achieve, but nothing is more crucial than driving leads that increase the conversation rate and overall profit. Therefore, it is vital to analyze your business prospects and decide what makes more sense – 

Hiring in-house lead generation experts or Outsourcing lead generation services? 

Outsourcing offers countless benefits, but there are some drawbacks too. It troubles many marketers and puts them in a state of confusion where they struggle to decide which one will deliver more promising results – in-house or outsourcing.

 Do you feel the same? Are you confused about which one of these two, in-house or outsourcing will be beneficial for your business? Let us first start with what most marketers make.

A customer-centric business does not need outsourcing. Is it so? 

Most marketers presume that there’s no room left for outsourcing, especially for a customer-centric business model, if their services are good. Word-of-mouth marketing will serve the purpose, resulting in quality leads. Additionally, if they have invested heavily in building an in-house lead generation team, and if the team has gained detailed insight and expertise of their products/services, it’s a bingo!

But, their decision of not outsourcing will be justified and leads to long-term profitable growth only if the in-house team is monitored closely and changes are marked on the fly. 

On the flip side, often to the surprise, successful businesses agree that outsourcing lead generation has amplified their sales and revenue, and also allowed them to have quality time to focus more on their core business. It is why most business professionals who want to save their expenses often turn to outsource lead generation. 

Still, many marketers hesitate to outsource lead generation services because of cost concerns. If you are one among them, consider this: Keeping an in-house team means hiring, training, and paying at least one member solely for that purpose. In a customer-centric business, you can’t rely on one member team to interact with hundreds of customers. And don’t forget that a result-oriented training session may last as long as one year, and there are still several factors to consider, and you don’t want to wait for that long.  Do you? 

So, that leads to the next big question- when should businesses outsource?

Customers these days have high expectations. No matter how hard companies try, they sometimes have to face the consequences of the growth gap. In most cases, it is because of holding customers for a long time in Phone call answering, which means an unsatisfied experience resulting in business loss. In a customer-centric business, satisfaction is the key to potential growth. 

63% of the businesses remarked that their core marketing challenge was to generate traffic and leads. In most cases, it’s because their marketing plan is not in synchronization with their customer’s needs. Do you feel the same? If so, then consider the following questions before executing anything. 

  • Who are your target audiences? 
  • Are you targeting clients who prefer details and data? 
  • Does your audience include C-suiters who appreciate a good narrative? 

Therefore, it’s essential to take some time to understand your target audiences to get positive results from the lead generation efforts and educate them about the products/services you offer. Sometimes, a little professional help from outside may create a huge difference. 

If this is the case, outsourcing lead generation services is a smart strategy. 

Are you still confused? Look at the given key points to know when to outsource and when not. 

One of the most crucial things that every business needs to consider while deciding whether to outsource their services or not is their staffing. Does the in-house team hold the desired skills and abilities to get the task done? Let’s give you a brief of the Ins and Outs of both lead generation tactics to help you decide which one will suit best with their needs. 

In-house Lead Generation makes sense when –

  • Businesses can appoint a highly skilled and experienced full-time operational team for it. The assigned team needs to focus solely on target audiences, handling their concerns, and scheduling logistics to give the desired results- qualified leads!   
  • Your primary leads are generated through inbound marketing, especially when customers prefer to hear from your businesses by submitting a form on your website.

Outsourcing lead generation is fruitful when –  

  • You don’t want to spend expenses on devoting a full-time operational internal department for lead generation. 
  • Your lead generation needs a dedicated centre on cold calling and appointment scheduling.
  • Most importantly, you want to delight your customers by answering their concerns in no time.  

For a business to be successful, it’s crucial to focus on core operations, but you can’t ignore those sources from where you can get immense benefits. 

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Whenever you are running through the list of lead generation considerations to find out what’s best – in-house or call center outsourcing, closely consider your business and customer’s needs to get impactful results. Find out what you can do well under your roof, and outsource secondary priorities that an expert service provider can do better.

If you wish to know more about how impactful our lead generation services are, get in touch with us now. 

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