How to Convert Square Yard to Square Feet?

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When buying a property, it is the area or size of land or an apartment that determines the budget or price of the property. In real estate, builders use different measurement units to denote the size of a property. E.g., square feet, acre, bigha, square yard, hectare, etc. These units are accepted and used in India as well as in other parts of the world. 

Most of these units can be converted to other units of measurement to make calculations simpler. Among them, the most used measurement units for conversion for the land area are square yards and square feet (sq yard to sq feet). 

What is Square Yard?

A square yard is an imperial unit that originated in the UK and was commonly used in countries that were ruled by the British. Hence, the usage of this unit of area in India is understandable. Many other countries, such as the U.S., Canada, and Pakistan, too use this unit of measurement. However, the square yard is now being replaced by the square meter in many countries. In India, the state governments continue to define the circle rate per rupee of an area in a square yard.  

A square yard is a unit of area measurement defined as an area of a square where each side of the square is 1 yard. Typically, large land parcels and plots are quoted in terms of square yards in the real estate industry. One can easily even convert square yards to square feet, square meters, etc. Some of the symbols used to denote square yards are sq yards, sq yard, sq yds, sq. yd., yard^2, yd^2, yd², yards², etc.

What is Square Feet? 

Square foot is an imperial unit as well as a U.S. customary unit of area. It is used to denote the area of a residential and commercial property. This unit of area is widely used in India and many other countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Nepal, Ghana, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Libya, etc. The square foot is commonly used by real estate developers to measure the area of an apartment, commercial shop, or a small plot. When you are buying an apartment or a small plot, the price is generally quoted in terms of rupees per square foot. 

A square foot (square feet: plural) is a unit of measurement of the area where each side of the square is measured to be one foot. Square feet can be converted to different units of measurement, such as square yards, square inches, square meters. Some of the abbreviations or symbols for square feet are sq. ft, ft2, sf, and sq feet.    

Since square feet and square yard, both units are used to determine the pricing of a property, it is necessary to understand the method to convert from square yard to square feet and vice versa.  

How to Convert 1 Square Yard to Square Feet (1 Sq Yard to Sq Ft)? 

Square yard to square feet conversion is often used when dealing with large size plots or land parcels. Always remember that a square yard is a bigger unit than square feet. For converting 1 square yard to square feet, you need to remember that 1 square yard is equal to 9 times the value of square foot. That is, one needs to multiply the value of a square yard to 9 times to get the value in square feet. 

Sq Yard to Sq Ft Formula

Below is the formula to convert square yard to square feet:

1 square yard = 9 square feet

1 square yard is equal to 9 square feet

Let us understand this further with an example. If you purchase a plot of 100 square yards, then the plot size in square feet will be 900 square feet i.e., 100 yd² = 900 ft2.

So, to get this calculation manually, one needs to multiply 100 with 9

100 square yards= (100*9) = 900 square feet


200 sq yd= 1800 sq ft

300 sq yd= 2700 sq ft

400 sq yd= 3600 sq ft

Online Conversion from Square Yard to Square Feet

Manual conversion from square yard to square foot is easy when it comes to rounded values but that may not be the case always. There can be times when the square yard values are in decimals and rounded to zeroes. Converting those values to square feet manually may take time and there are also chances of errors. Many websites offer an online conversion table for various units of measurements to make our task easier and error-free with instant results.  

One needs to enter the value in the column of the square yard and select the conversion option to square feet. Within a fraction of a second, you will have the precise and accurate square feet value in front of you. 


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