10 Reasons That Explain the Immense Popularity of Flutter App Development

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Mobile apps are crucial for business success in today’s world, no doubt! 

But how do you decide if the app is successful or not?

It should be feature-rich and operate smoothly on all the platforms in the short term. Most importantly, app development should be cost-effective.

How is that possible? With Flutter app developers!

This article will cover how Flutter app development can help turn your mobile app into a successful business without launching separate apps for different platforms. 

Here are some numbers to justify the immense popularity of Flutter app development. 

  • Flutter occupies 2nd place in the list of cross-platform app development framework. 
  • Around 69 percent of developers prefer Flutter for app development. 42 percent of developers used Flutter to develop mobile apps in 2021. 
  • According to Flutter, over 400 000 apps have shipped since its launch.
  • GitHub reveals that Flutter is among the top 50 repositories on its platform. 

The demand for Flutter developers hiring is high! So, if you’re planning to develop a Flutter app, hire dedicated Flutter developers with experience and expertise. 

Curious to know the reason for all this demand and popularity? Let’s find out!

 Why Flutter App Development is in Demand

Customers demand fast and efficient cross-platform applications. And Flutter satisfies that demand with ease. Around 2 million users and around half a billion developers prefer Flutter because of its rich features and benefits. 

1- Open Source

Flutter is an open-source development platform by Google. It allows Flutter app developers to post issues and access documentation quickly. They can learn and grow with ever-changing requirements. This increases productivity and efficiency, enabling them to deliver more in less time.    

2- Single Codebase

Programmers can develop their code once and utilize it across numerous platforms because the framework is cross-platform. This means you can use a single code for both iOS and Android and save time and effort when building code for many platforms. 

3- Dart as Programming Language

Flutter’s base is the Dart SDK, which helps to produce effective designs and architectures. Dart is also far superior to other cross-platform languages and frameworks because it encourages standardization, consistency, integration, and straightforward management. 

Some of Dart’s standout characteristics include a large standard library, async-awaits, garbage collection, generics, and robust typing.  

Businesses typically research a framework’s potential and future before investing in it for app development. Flutter has a bright future as Dart extensively uses other languages’ popular features. Because of its reactive programming approach, developers may quickly fulfill their routine jobs.

4- Cost Effectiveness

The most intriguing aspect of Flutter is that a Flutter app developer can create apps for mobile, desktop, embedded devices, and the web using a single codebase. You can use the native codebase across several platforms with the least amount of adjustments. As a result, it takes less time and costs far less money to design, test, QA, and maintain mobile apps that are compatible with several platforms.

5- User-friendly Interface

Customization of all the visible objects like shadows, shapes, and colors and clipping or transforming icons and images of the app is very easy with Flutter. Flutter simplifies the entire application development process without additional workloads. It makes it easy to create any robust UI interface design.

6- Native Performance

You may obtain quick execution on every platform when you employ mobile app developers to design applications using Flutter. This is because it employs the quick, easy-to-compile Dart programming language.

Compared to any other app development platform, Flutter enhances the application’s performance.

It lets you build Flutter code to native ARM machine code using Dart’s native compilers. And Flutter’s widgets take into account all important platform differences, including scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts.

7- Hot Reloading

The “Hot Reloading” or “Hot Restart” feature of Flutter, is causing all the hype among Flutter app developers. 

The developers can observe changes to the code and the app development advancements simultaneously in a matter of seconds. They can also speed up bug fixes. 

The changes and fixes are made so quickly that they reduce the time it takes for Android and iOS platforms to reload. 

8- Tech Community

With more than 2 million developers using it since its release, Flutter is still expanding quickly. From 20,000 apps to 90,000 and more, there’s an 80% spike in Flutter apps on Play Store. More than 500,000 developers use Flutter on a monthly basis. On GitHub, Flutter acquires 143k stars. 

Several intriguing figures:

  • The top five markets for Flutter are Brazil, the EU, China, the US, and India.
  • 78% of Flutter developers use stable channels, while 15% use dev or master. 11% use beta.

Flutter has a huge developers community, which means all the development-related queries can be easily solved. The development challenges won’t affect your business. 

9- Reduced Time to App Development

When you hire Flutter mobile developers, you get the advantage of developing an app you can use on various platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web. Plus, developers don’t have to write code for each platform and widget from scratch. This helps in saving time and launching the app quickly. 

Instead of focusing on the challenges, you can prepare marketing plans to promote your app and business. 

10- Easy App Testing and Maintenance

While developing an app for multiple platforms requires testing on all platforms. It has to be compatible with each operating system. That’s not the case with Flutter. 

With Flutter, apps need to use a single codebase for all platforms with no changes. Hence, all you have to do is test the Flutter app once. As you only have to maintain that one code, it helps save time, effort, and money. 


Flutter comes in with features like a single codebase and hot reload that helps build cross-platform apps faster than a native app. Developers can quickly debug the code and fix your application. It reduces the team management efforts as you don’t have to oversee distinct Android and iOS teams. 

Many brands, like Google, the New York Times, and BMW, use Flutter for their apps. If you, too, want to take advantage of this framework, hire dedicated Flutter developers today!


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Hey Guys, I am a digital marketer and I have 7+ years of experience. I know SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Editing, Meta paid ads, Image Creation, I am a YouTuber also. I hope you will like this website. you can give me suggestions over mail at contactetechnicaltalk@gmail.com Thank you

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