Tips and Strategies to clear the CEH exam in the First Attempt

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Strategies and Tips to clear the CEH exam

A person must clear the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam to learn the skills of an ethical hacker. As per the EC Council, this exam is popular among those who want to build a career as an ethical hacker. A person who specializes in testing methods such as computer security testing is called an ethical hacker. They usually work for government agencies and assist them in the detection of security breaches, phishing attacks, etc.

Ethical hacking involves fixing the loophole within the IT network of an organization that is not a cakewalk. Therefore, CEH is an exam that necessitates comprehensive and extensive preparation. Therefore, while preparing for the exam, you are advised to adhere to the guidelines and tips that are mentioned above.

The Basic Pattern and Details of the Exam

This exam lasts 240 minutes, or four hours which is a long time and requires patience. During this time, you are given 125 questions to attempt. To pass the exam successfully, you must secure at least 70%. It assesses your knowledge about 19 broad areas. These areas include the fundamentals of ethical hacking, server hacking, etc.

Given below are a few strategies that can aid you in clearing the CEH exam in the first attempt:

  1. To Crack it in the First Attempt, Be an Early Bird.

Given below are some obvious reasons that justify the need to start preparing as early as possible:

  • Starting your preparation early gives you more time to practice sample papers and master the art of time management.
  • An early start leaves you with ample time to master the concepts of all the topics.
  •  When you start early, you will have the time to clear your doubts while solving questions.
  • An early start will leave you with ample time to indulge in group discussions with other aspirants to enhance your knowledge.
  • If you start early, you will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, as practice will help you to gain confidence.
  1. Research on the Relevant Resources and Information Related to the Exam

For cutting-edge preparation, you must conduct thorough research on the available resources. The EC Council website is loaded with useful resources such as exam breakdown, background reading, FAQs, etc.

  1. Make Practise Your Constant Companion in The Journey of Preparation

As previously stated, this exam includes 125 questions that cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics. Henceforth, it is advisable to practice the previous year’s question papers and other sample questions regularly. Ensure that you are consistent with your practice, a key factor in this vast and lengthy exam. Try to be accountable to yourself so that you are motivated to solve practice questions.

  1. Watch Out for Courses and Certifications to Build Your Foundation

To prepare well, look for courses related to the important topics that can aid in building your foundation. In addition, there are various certification programs available online, including cyber security certification and ethical hacker certification, that can polish your concepts.

  1. Abide By a Strict Timetable for Disciplined Preparation

A goal such as cracking this exam in the first attempt requires dedication and absolute discipline. Abiding by a strict timetable for studying aids in eliminating distractions and boosts the element of focus.

  1. A Comprehensive Study Plan Can Give a Cutting-Edge

A timetable merely aids in fixing the amount of time allotted for any given topic. However, a study plan covers broader aspects of preparation. It defines the methodology for dealing with your preparation that is suitable to your temperament. Additionally, it acts as a roadmap to plan and solve problems in each topic. Setting an organized set of goals to study helps in reaching high standards. The accomplishment of one goal motivates the achievement of another, which a study plan lays down. 

A study plan helps in making a proper plan to develop a thorough understanding of the syllabus. This makes you feel organized and in command, which reduces the levels of stress and anxiety during preparation. Work does not accumulate by following a study plan. Hence the need to study at odd hours gets eliminated. This routine also safeguards your physical and mental health.

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