How Instagram Feeds helps to boost Conversion on Shopify store

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What does it take to make a Shopify store appealing? – Visual appeal. But often, it would have bothered you that visual-based content affects the website speed and eventually hampers the reputation of the website.

Here is an easy solution – add Instagram feed to Shopify store.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms; it has over 1.074 billion users worldwide. Hence you can imagine the number of content the platform contains.

Sticking to the topic, Instagram is a hub of visual-based content. And by integrating it with the Shopify website, you can increase your conversions like sky-rocket. As it directly gives a boost to the traffic of Shopify store by increasing engagement, user-retention, that will subsequently enhance the conversion and profit of your Shopify store. one can showcase various colors, vibrant and lively content on their respective Shopify store.

How to do it?

Although Instagram itself provides an embedding code for each of its content that you can copy and paste on your website, it has certain limitations like – you cannot customize the feed, you have to manually copy the posts one by one and paste it on the backend and more.

To counter these limitations, you can use social media aggregator tools. These tools help you collect desired posts from the platform and display them beautifully on the website. Using the features from these tools, you can even customize and moderate the feed as per your requirements. 

These tools ease the process and save the time you spend on manually embedding the feeds on your website.

How are Instagram feeds helpful for Shopify store?

This question might be striking to your mind about how Instagram posts will be beneficial for your Shopify ecommerce store.. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Instagram feed on the Shopify store has the following advantages.

  • Enhances the visual appeal of your Shopify store

In this period, almost every brand emphasizes on increasing the visual appeals for their website for majorly two reasons. Firstly, it attracts more visitors, and secondly, it creates a good impression on the websites.

How does it help? – Both reasons help you in achieving sales. On the one hand, more audience means more chances to get customers and, at the same time, a good impression increases the chances of sales.

And adding Instagram feed to Shopify is the easiest and simplest way to increase the visuals of the website. As we all know, Instagram users are creative and talented that uploads colorful and vivid content on the platforms. And as you embed your store, you boost the beauty of your website.

And even if you are embedding your own Instagram account, the beautiful images of your products add grace to the Shopify store. 

  • Strength social media presence

As mentioned above, you can even embed your Instagram handle on the website. It will display all the posts from your Instagram account. 

So, when a visitor visits your store, if he likes the posts and contents from your social media, he also can follow you on Instagram. This will increase your Instagram followers and eventually helps you in increasing the reach of your brand.

  • Makes your store more engaging 

Talking about content on Instagram, it has the capabilities to hold the viewers for a longer time. Whether it is images or videos, they have the power to attract the audience.

When you embed Instagram feeds to Shopify website, it engages the visitors on the website. For example, many people often upload videos with the product and explain the features and uses of the product. It provides visitors a detailed perspective of the product and helps them in their buying decisions. And also, it keeps them engaged with the content.

Another amazing example is that Social media aggregator provides scrollable feeds on the website, allowing visitors to look for more content on the website and eventually engage them.

  • Boosts UGC for your brand 

A user feels valued when a business features his content on the official brand website. So by displaying user-generated content on your website, you provide a boost.

We all know the importance of user-generated content. It is marketing gold, it helps marketers in promoting their businesses and products. So, while you display Instagram feed on Shopify website, it not only enhances the beauty of your store but also encourages other users to post more content related to your business.

This also eventually increases the reach of your business, as when a user post or creates content related to your brand. Social media connections of that users also view the content and get to know about your brand, hence boosting your brand awareness.

  • Provides social proof to the visitor 

Social proofs are really important for visitors, as they build reliability for the brand and help potential customers in their purchasing decisions.

Often people use Instagram to post their happy pictures with the product or upload videos while using the product. By displaying Instagram feed to Shopify, you build credibility for your brand and assist visitors in their buying decisions. Often, these social proofs are enough for the visitor for his decision, and he ends up buying the product.

Another way people use Instagram is by providing their review of the product. They upload the picture with the product and provide their opinion. How does it help? – Firstly it gives the visitors some idea about your product and they can purchase as per their need. And secondly, it also helps to enhance the brand reputation as you appeal as a brand is transparent and does not hide their reviews.

Summing it up

There is no denying of the fact that visual-based content enhances the beauty of the store. Moreover, they provide a great vibe and stay fresh in the minds of the viewers. And Instagram is certainly the best source for user-generated visual-based content. Embedding Instagram feed on Shopify stores is a smart strategy as it not only adds appeal to the website but also helps in attaining more sales and converting your visitors into customers.


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