How to Apply Patta Chitta online? Check the Status and Validity

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How to Apply Patta Chitta online

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken the initiative to digitise the land records, which will bring transparency and easy access to such important property documents. In Tamil Nadu patta and chitta are the two important papers in this regard. While patta confirms an individual’s property rights, chitta offers further details regarding that land.

The TN Government has combined both the documents and made a particular document called Patta Chitta. One can now apply for a Patta Chitta online to get access to the land records without any hassle.

Steps to apply for a Patta Chitta online 

Individuals intending to apply for a TN Patta Chitta online need to follow the steps below. One can also visit the concerned Taluk office to see the computerised records. The steps are:

Step 1: Visit the Patta Chitta website, where one can choose between two languages, English and Tamil

Step 2: Individuals need to select Patta, FMB, Chitta, or TSLR extract

Step 3: Select the district in which a concerned property is located

Step 4: Type the details like Taluk, Village, Ward, or Block with the Survey and subdivision number

Step 5: Click on ‘Submit’

On submitting this application form, one can get a certificate from the Town Survey Land Register with the property details. However, to complete this process, one needs to pay a fee.

How to pay Patta Chitta application fees?

Individuals can pay their application fee by visiting the e-services department area of their nearest Village Office Administrator’s office. Otherwise, they can also pay this fee online after checking its status through different online payment methods.

Besides knowing how to check this record, individuals should also know the process of transferring it.

How to transfer Patta Chitta? 

One needs to collect the appropriate transfer form from the Patta Chitta official website. Then, one needs to fill up this form and submit it along with required documents on the TN Patta Chitta platform.

Alternatively, property owners can also manually submit this form after filling it. For that, they need to visit the Village office of their concerned Taluk.

Once the form is forwarded, the village administrative officer will visit and allot a new Patta number with the individual’s name. However, Patta Chitta is important for home buyers. So, before applying for a home loan, one can also check the features to increase the property value.

Documents required to transfer Patta Chitta 

Individuals who want to transfer TN Patta need to provide certain documents along with the signed Patta transfer application. These documents are:

  1. Copy of sale deed and original document of verification
  2. FB Bill as proof of procession or Property tax receipt
  3. Encumbrance certificate
  4. Utility bills

While submitting these documents online, one needs to know how to check the record or status of Patta Chitta online.

Steps to check Patta Chitta status

Step 1: One needs to visit Tamil Nadu Government’s E-district website

Step 2: Try to log in to the portal entering credentials in their respective fields

Step 3: Input the Application ID

Step 4: Provide CAPTCHA

Step 5: Click on the ‘Get state option’

Now, owners can check the status of their Patta Chitta online. Once one sees the status online, one can apply for a home loan. 

Why is Patta Chitta so important?

Patta Chitta has several uses apart from being a legal document that validates land ownership. One can use it for several reasons such as:

  1. For any property sale, Patta Chitta is essential
  2. This document provides the exact details regarding its ownership and history
  3. With it, one can resolve any dispute associated with any property in this state
  4. In case of a land acquisition, one can get a compensation amount from the TN Government with an updated Patta Chitta
  5. Individuals planning to apply for housing loan may need to submit as a part documents required for it

Moreover, individuals applying for a housing loan can also check if they are eligible for a pre-approved offer. Many financial institutions provide pre-approved offers to streamline the documentation process. This facility is available for various financial products like loans against property and likes. Borrowers can check their pre-approved offers by providing their name and contact number. Individuals intending to buy any property in Tamil Nadu must check the land owner’s Patta Chitta. Hence, landowners must apply for Patta Chitta online and keep it up to date to avoid any legal issues.


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