7 Most Important Guidelines for Shifting Your House to Another City in Winter

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House shifting is a tough undertaking. If you want to shift your house to another city and that too during the winters, you are going to face an additional challenge. But do not be apprehensive about the intercity winter move, as I have got you just what you need. Here are the 7 most important guidelines for shifting your house to another city in winter. Read along the following points:

1. Learn about your new neighbourhood

When you plan to make a move from one city to another, you have to plan out the shifting in detail. You cannot keep any loose ends in the way you strategise your move. One of the most important things that you should consider is to learn about the new city and your new neighbourhood. Check where the nearest hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, parks, and eateries are located. Don’t forget to check the condition of your new house where you are going to shift like the plaster on the walls, painting on the walls, and the main door. Since it is winter, ensure that the windows can be closed properly.

2. Appoint a moving company

While shifting your house to another city, the level of difficulty is much more than carrying out a local shifting. Some of the steps implicated in house shifting are planning, preparing, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unboxing, and re-arranging the goods. It is not an easy job to execute all the steps without professional help. You have to plan and prepare for the move all by yourself but for the rest of the moving tasks, you should outsource them to the packers and movers. The packers and movers Pune to Delhi are certified and practiced to do their packing and moving job on an everyday basis.

3. De-clutter your house

Before the moving day, you need to do a lot of preparations for your move. This is one of such preparatory activities. You should steer clear of all the things in your house that you do not need anymore. Don’t think that you don’t have much time before the move so you will de-clutter your belongings after you move to your new house in the new city.

The cost of your move depends on the size of your move and the distance of your move. You cannot alter the distance of your move so you have to alter the size of the move to reduce your moving cost. Discard all the unnecessary items to slash down the size of your move and thereby slash down the charges of your move.

4. Pack the essentials

Don’t forget to pack the essentials as you prepare for your intercity move in winter. Pack some of the basics like your toothpaste and toothbrush, towels, face wash, soap, shampoo, lotion, bedspreads, blankets, a set of clothes, undergarments, winter wears, daily medications, etc. Don’t forget to pack this essentials box or else you will have to suffer in the cold after you shift into your new house.

5. Set the valuables apart

When you shift your house from one city to another, you don’t want to lose your valuable things during the move. Therefore, you should keep them safe before the arrival of the team of packers and movers at your place. Keep your precious pieces of jewellery, expensive gadgets, pricey watches, and sensitive documents in a particular bag and store them inside your wardrobe without disclosing them to anyone. When you shift to the other city with your family, carry this bag with you in a private vehicle or by flight.

6. Pack winter-wears

Don’t forget to pack the most important things for the winter; the winter wears! You do not need to pack the winter wears all by yourself. Yet you need to pick them out and store them in a corner before the packers and movers come to your place on a moving day. The packers and movers from Pune to Hyderabad will be able to find all the winter wears and the beddings in one place.

Ask them to pack all the winter wears in a particular box and the winter beddings in another. By winter wears I mean sweaters, shawls, caps, jackets, socks, and mufflers. The winter beddings comprise blankets, quilts, rugs, etc. After packing the winter wears in their respective boxes, don’t forget to label the boxes to find them without much trouble.

7. Track the weather conditions

During long-distance house shifting, you are often unaware of the conditions of the weather on the move. Seek help from Google and keep checking the weather conditions from time to time. Since it is winter, you need to know if it is foggy or if is there smog on the road ahead as the moving truck moves in the evening. Track the status of the moving vehicle by following up with the driver from time to time. The safety of your belongings is your prime responsibility so keep a check on the weather conditions.


When you decide to move your house from one city to another, you have to understand the gravity of the situation. It is a multifaceted activity that needs your proactive participation from the beginning to the end. However, with the help of professional packers and movers, the intensity of the challenge reduces to make things easier for you. The packers and movers will arrive on your doorstep on the day of the move and wrap up the packing within a few hours. They will load the goods and safely deliver them to your new house within the scheduled time.

When you are hiring the packers and movers, make sure that they are authentic. There are a lot of fraudulent packers and movers and you should stay away from them. Visit the office of the moving company and check their documents. Don’t hand out advance payments in cash but only make digital payments. If you find a genuine company with legit documents, choose them for your intercity move.

After reading the entire article on the 7 most important guidelines for shifting your house to another city in winter, I am sure you will be sorted. I wish you a chilled-out move!

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